Thursday, October 2, 2014

Book Club opening

Helloooooo Loyal Readers

I am so excited to finally announce.... are you ready??? Da-Da-Dada

Poppy Loves book club in Kurdistan - Erbil

... a book club in Kurdistan. Sadly we are the last ones to have a brand new book in our book shops (there are only a few anyway with one billion year old dusty books) and there is never a reading group. I got in touch with Poppy Loves, a lifestyle blogger based in London, who also runs the Poppy Loves Book Club. In November the first book club meeting will take place in Erbil (Hawler). What's even more exctiiiiitttingggggg than this is that we are getting the books from the publisher. If you are a book lover in Erbil you would know this is a HUGE deal.

So, without further adoooooo as I am waiting for the arrival of the books we are forming the members of the book club, if you are interested email or tweet me. Will let you know the title of our first book soon.

I will keep all you lovely Loyal Blog Readers updated! For Kurds based in London, I know the lovely  Ruwayda Mustafa is running a book club there, don't hesitate to contact her for more information.

For now
Lots of love from
My Nest in Kurdistan




Book club member said...

NOVEMBER 25 come on come come come!

Love Poppy and mandalawi said...

I am getting the book of you today Sazzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiii can't wait
thanks Poppy, hope we can meet in person soon