Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Birthday - 6 years!

Today marks 6 years since I wrote my first ever blog post, it was called "I was born to try." I honestly feel like over the past six years I have raised a child. Six years of stories, experiences, people and adventures.

Sazan M. Mandalawi
Writing a blog post in a teahouse in Erbil
Through the past six years was a getaway for me, it as a place where I shared my thoughts, experiences, introduced people to Kurdistan, answered questions, collected donations and above all through the blog I met people who are an important part of my life now. 

Over the years the blog transformed, it grew and changed with me. The blog inspired a column, the column a book and now I hope a website is in the making. Thank you to every single person who inspired every sentence on mandalawi.blogspot.  

from My Nest in Kurdistan!


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