Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally, they have a real home

My elderly friends are moving!

To my dear reader,*
If you have read many of the pervious entries I have made in this blog, or my column at he Globe you will realize just how much I love and appreciate my friends at the elderly people's home in Erbil. I shared with you their terrible living conditions in few of my entries last year. Well, I am over the moon right now, why? They are moving!!! The group of over 70 elderlies (male and female) who are unable to look after themselves are moving to a new home. Above: This is how the new place looks from a close up. Note, those will all be shops, the top level are apartments and the elderlies will be housed inside on the ground level.

Before you continue reading this blog you should be introduced to the 5 Ws: Where? in Kurdish: lasar jaday sad matri, in English: on 100 meter road right opposite Sardam hospital. When? in two months time--inshAllah Who? My elderly friends ofcourse What? Moving house!!!!! :) Why? Because the one that they are living in is the same one of the 1970s, it is no place for a human being to live. This is the entrance to the main reception- the new nursing home

They are all so excited about the move, every single one of them--but none of them are as interested and excited in the move as I am. I seriously can't wait. Not only is it closer to my house- which mean I can visit more often- but also because I had always hoped, wished, dreamed, and prayed that they can have somewhere better to stay in.
There are eight large rooms like the one above

In my visit--to see my friends (if only they could read English and use the internet I think this blog might actually get some 'hits') I was told by one of them that they are going to move, and here is how the conversation went:

Daya Gulizard:** You must visit us in our new place as well, get the address so you know where it is
Me: What new place? Are you leaving?
Another Daya (next to Gulizard): We are going to a new home, we are moving, it's big.
Me (to the social worker): You shouldn't lie to them like this
Social worker: No! it's true.
Me+Daya Gulizard+another Daya= BIG HUG!!

So, we had our usual conversations, I made sure this news was correct, took the details and visited the new place. For some reason I can sleep happy tonight, knowing that in less than eight weeks they will have comfort- at last!!
In their new home they have a pharmacy inside their building, this is the pharmacy window. Isn't this great?!

There is no doubt the new home still requires a lot, but when compared to the one they live in now, the difference can not be made. It lacks a large garden--which my elderly friends love-- but still, I look forward to the times where can sit and chat under the sun in this (above) small, yellow fenced area.

And this (picture below) hangs proudly in the director's office! I am sure this will also move houses...

* Funny I say this, because the only reader who I was sure was reading this blog, now I know that even that reader no longer follows by entries! So why do I bother? Simply because when my fingers dance on the keyboard I forget the world.
** I try not to favor, but Daya Gulizard is just special. Go and see her if you ever pay a visit,